AT&T Unveils $3-a-day Prepaid Cellular Plan (May 10, 2009) —AT&T is going to offer a prepaid cellular plan form next week; this facility gives users unlimited voice service for $3 a day.

attThe plan, which is part of AT&T’s pay-as-you-go GoPhone program, lets users pay $3 up front for every day they make or receive calls on their cell phones.

Once they have paid the $3 they can get unlimited voice service for the entire day. If users do not make or receive any calls during the day, they will be charged nothing for their service.

The company is also offering a prepaid Unlimited Mobile-to-Mobile plan for any users who want to talk exclusively with other AT&T mobile users for $1 a day. All calls made to or received from outside carriers will cost 10 cents per minute under this plan.

Prepaid plans often prove attractive to consumers during a recession because they can be less expensive than traditional postpaid wireless plans. Last week Sprint reported that it saw a big boost in its prepaid wireless subscribers as it added 674,000 prepaid users in the first quarter of 2009.

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