Backpacking Technology for 2013

Though most would presume that there is little technology involved in backpacking around the likes of Europe or South America, the truth is that technology is becoming a bigger part of our lives, even on our travels around the globe.

Every day technology is helping backpackers and travelers across the world; some of it can even help save money. Here are the top travel gadgets to have in your backpack during 2013:

Kindle Fire

Thanks to the new and improved reading tablets, gone are the days where a person would have to stuff expensive travel maps into their pockets whilst leaving freshly released hardbacks at home.

Now found on the Amazon store for as little as $159.00, the 1.2GHz processor and 7” touchscreen offers you the perfect opportunity for taking your personal library every step around the world.

In fact, much like a mobile phone, the Fire can also connect to WiFi modems, meaning that if you do happen to get lost, a quick stop in a cafe or public place can quickly get you headed in the right direction.

With Stephen King, Lemony Snicket and Charlaine Harris all releasing books this summer, the 400 gram tablet is great for evading those naughty airport weight fines.

Prepaid SIM Cards

Unbeknownst to some is the fact that many backpacking trips are ended simply because the people on them tend to suffer from homesickness; leaving no option than to return to their native country.

Sometimes this can be amplified by the fact that many people are simply too afraid to take their phone abroad in lieu of the fines and bills that they might face upon their return.

With pre-paid SIM cards from SimSmart Prepaid for example, you can load up on an International SIM card before you leave; meaning that you can avoid hefty bills whilst keeping in touch with the nearest and dearest in your life – even when you are thousands of miles away.

You can also get them depending on what continent you are traveling to or around; great if you plan on roaming around more than just one country.

Wedge Door Alarm

If security on your travels is one of your top concerns, then you may just be interested in a Wedge Door Alarm.

Used in much the same way as a doorstop, the wedge is placed in front of a closed door and should any intruder therefore try and enter, the alarm will activate at 130 decibels, the equivalent noise of a pneumatic riveter.

This is a great device for security, though bear in mind that it comes in at just 10 decibels under the safe limits of even short term exposure to any noise.

It is therefore recommended that the wedge is only used as security, and not therefore as a toy to prank your fellow hostel guests!

Found online for just under $20 however, this simple piece of technology could prove indispensable to your personal security abroad.

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