Best latest Firefox add-ons of 2009 (Dec 27, 2009) — This precedent year felt like a transformation year for Firefox add-ons, with two latest frameworks implemented to assist guide the opportunity of extensions.

1. Personas gave Firefox on-the-fly theme-switching, and users can look forward to it to be part of the established version of Firefox 3.6 when that gets released.
2. Jetpack takes a similarly-minded advance to feature add-ons, allowing programmers to build feature-rich add-ons from little more than HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Anticipate JetPack to finally be element of Firefox by default.
3. Weave Sync is an additional project from Mozilla Labs, although it’s not as apparent whether it will ultimately end up in Firefox as a default aspect. This homegrown tool for synchronizing Firefox across computers and devices introduces incremental syncing and a more-streamlined, less-obtrusive understanding, fitting in effortlessly in the Options pane. Even though it still clashes with some extensions, including the particularly well-liked and arguably more indispensable AdBlock Plus, in general it works fine and brings a long-missing characteristic to Firefox.
4. Multi Links is straightforward in reason, but so efficient that it’s one of the finest add-ons of the year. Right-click in a browser tabs and drags it, highlighting several links in the box. By default, preferred links open up in brand new browser tabs, though you can go into the options to desire whether you desire them to open up in new windows, or be bookmarked instead.
5. Initially known as SmarterFox, FastestFox is a multitasking fiend that helps make searching, pasting, surfing, and downloading faster. Underline a word or phrase on the Web page and FastestFox will show a bubble filled with search engine icons. After a few seconds of idleness, the search bubble fades away.
6. WebReview makes your start page smarter and more indicative based on past browsing habits. It’s a bit similar to the Speed Dial feature in Opera, Chrome’s fresh tab page, or Top Sites in Safari, however Firefoxified.

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