Best sound enhancer program I used on Windows PC

The best sound enhancer program I used on Windows PC is, without a doubt, Fidelizer. The program partners with JPLAY/Audiophile Optimizter, a partnership that guarantees the best audio optimization and listening experience.

Fidelizer is an easy way to improve sound quality in Windows. It utilizes MMCSS optimisation to increase the audio thread priority. This enhances the core audio services and improves the low-latency audio stability.

Workstations can be optimized through the original Fidelizer concept called ‘Instantly Computer Audio Workstation.’ Fidellizer explains the Multimedia Class Scheduler Services (or MMCSS) clearly, enabling even those with limited IT-knowledge to understand what it means. The clear and easy to understand explanation is a major factor why I consider this program to be the best sound enhancer program I used on Windows PC.

The developers of Fidelizer have also adjusted the Kernel timer resolution. By so doing, sound will flow smoothly as this software stops stuttering.

All processes are controlled by optimizing the Windows media player on your PC. Only core audio features are unleashed in the default configuration, hence Fidelizer will not affect the overall performance and can improve with further higher optimization levels.

Joyful sounds for everybody

Fidelizer offers sound joy for everybody, but particularly, people who don’t mind applying hotfixes from Windows Update will appreciate the experience Fidelizer offers. A special mode called ‘Extremist’ will stop all systems or network services, leaving only audio ones running. As network services are considered to be one of strongest nemeses in computer audio, this functionality blocks out its interference and, as such, contributes to the experience.

Sound enhancer window from Fidelizer audio

More moderate listeners have the ability to customize optimization levels according to their personal preferences or needs. They can isolate non-audio processes to idle core reducing interruptions to core running audio tasks. Fidelizer also reduces interference to audio processes by lowering the non-audio process priority. Once the software has been optimized, Fidelizer launches the selected media player software to enable the great listening experience.

The special configuration of the system optimizes the audio playback. This option is only available in the Fidelizer Upgrade Program. Systems tweaks are permanently applied to improve the sound quality drastically.

Convinced about the sound enhancer quality

Fidelizer, in my view, the best sound enhancer program I used on Windows PC, has been available for the past two years. The program enhances the music experiences of many people around the world. People eager to try Fidelizer can download a version for free to find out themselves how much more the experience improves. Simply surf to the Fidelizer website and click on the Download Free button. Once they have established the quality, the program can be bought directly online via a Paypal transaction.

Fidelizer works on all Windows platforms up from Windows XP. This includes Windows XP*, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. The program can also be installed on Windows Servers, including Windows Server 2003*, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

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