Better Place debuts EV services platform (Sept. 15, 2009) — At the Frankfurt Motor Show, Better Place is exhibiting a comprehensive solution of electric vehicle (EV) services, charging infrastructure and network software.

better_placeBetter Place will show off in-car software designed to ensure that electric car drivers have enough charge to keep driving.

Inside the car, Better Place manages the vehicle’s energy plan through an on-board computing platform, codenamed “AutOS.” The AutOS platform performs complex energy calculations to create a personalized energy plan for each driver.

Outside of the car, Better Place has architected a master data center, which acts as the “brain” of the network.

The Better Place data center enables “smart charging” of all electric cars on the network by optimizing and prioritizing when, where and how much each car is charged. Doing so minimizes the impact on local utilities.

As a centrally controlled function, the data center integrates any data across the entire network including: the availability of charge spots and battery switch stations; the state of charge of each battery; the ability to harness peak levels of renewable energy generation; topography maps and traffic patterns; and driving habits and patterns.

By integrating the data, Better Place has a 360-degree view across the entire network of charge spots, battery switch stations, electric cars, batteries and local utilities, enabling an entire ecosystem of industry players to deliver a more convenient and affordable electric car.

Better Place R&D is working closely with Continental of Germany and Intel and Microsoft R&D, developing the most modern computing platform for inside the car.

Better Place is developing its AutOS in-car platform with Continental to produce in volume an automotive-grade head unit, which incorporates Microsoft Windows Embedded and is powered by the Intel® AtomTM processor.

The combination gives AutOS the extra horsepower needed to quickly conduct energy management and planning calculations that form the cornerstone of enabling peace of mind for drivers.

The always-on connectivity of the unit also enables the “connected car” to seamlessly communicate with all of the components of the Better Place network.

The AutOS system works by tapping into a limited number of standard CAN messages that all cars use to communicate diagnostics by read-only, giving OEMs an easy on-ramp to plug into the entire Better Place system.

Better Place and Renault will put 200,000 electric cars on the roads of Denmark and Israel by 2016 as the two companies promote their battery-swapping alternative to the internal combustion engine.

Renault unveiled the first switchable battery for use in Israel and Denmark in addition to a concept car called Fluence ZE, a five-seat all-electric passenger car that will be able to operate at Better Place’s battery-swapping stations, designed for 2011 delivery in Denmark and Israel.

They planed to build at least 100,000 vehicles for each country – two of the nations installing networks of Better Place recharging stations and battery switching centers.

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