Bizarre Menu: Ten Weirdest Foods in the World

We often hear that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. In the same way, one man’s fear can be another’s delicacy. People have different cultures, and accordingly their food habits change.   Can you imagine eating cow’s tongue, pig’s snout and chicken feet? The list of bizarre food we eat is endless. If you are adventurous enough to try these weird stuff, here’s a list of ten strangest foods.

Fried-brain sandwiches

Before the time of Mad-Cow disease, a common food item in St. Louis, Missouri, USA was a sandwich made from fried calves’ brain, thinly sliced on white bread. You can still taste the sandwich from theOhio RiverValley. There, the brains are battered and served on hamburger buns.


Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish. It is prepared with minced heart, liver and lung of a sheep mixed with onion, spices, oatmeal, salt and stock, and boiled in the sheep’s stomach for a few hours. Instead of sheep, you can also get goats, beef or pork. It will be available all through the year in Scottish supermarkets.


What about the idea of eating insects? The habit of eating bugs can be commonly called entomophagy. On the streets of Bangkok, Thailand, you will meet people selling fried grasshoppers, crickets, scorpions, spiders and worms. You agree or not, insects are high in protein and heavily loaded with fatty acids and vitamins.

Rocky Mountain Oysters

Rocky Mountain Oysters are not what you find at the bottom of the ocean, rather they are the deep fried testicles of a buffalo, bull or boar. They are popular and regularly tasted in some parts of the United States and Canada.  These testicles which are peeled, boiled, rolled in a flour mixture, and fried are generally served with a nice cocktail sauce.

Stuffed Camel

The Guinness Book of  World Records lists the recipe as the largest item on any menu in the world. The stuffed camel is made with one whole camel, one whole lamb and 20 whole chicken. History says that the dish is basically a traditional Bedouin dish, which is prepared almost like a Russian Stacking Doll. The camel is stuffed with a whole lamb, the lamb stuffed with the chicken and the chicken stuffed with eggs and rice. The entire mixture is then barbecued until cooked.


According to Anthony Bourdain, one of the world’s weirdest food eaters, Hakarl is the weirdest food he had ever eaten in his life. First the shark is burned and then it is fermented for two or four months and served. It is an Icelandic dish which stinks with the smell of ammonia.


Fugu is the Japanese dish made of poisonous puffer fish. The fish will be filled with poison tetrodotoxin to be lethal. Not all can prepare this, only chefs who have undergone two to three years of training and passed an official test can prepare the fish. Some expert chefs can leave a one minute amount of poison as it will cause a tickly sensation on the lips.

Casu Marzu

Casu Marzu, which is common in the city of Sardinia in Italy, has been deliberately infested with live insect larvae. Worms are added to cheese to advance the state of decomposition. The larvae are able to jump up to half a foot,  so it requires eye protection to eat this food.


With sashimi and sushi, eating raw fish is not much a dining adventure. But the Korean dish, Sannakji, is different, because, when it is served, the sea food isn’t dead. Live octopus are sliced up and seasoned with sesame oil. If you don’t chew it carefully, its tiny suction cups can glue to your mouth and throat.


Balut is the name given to an underdeveloped embryo of duck or chicken egg. It is boiled and served with the shell. It is commonly seen in the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam.

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