Blackberry Mini Keyboard, a keyboard to the tablet Playbook

RIM continues to support its tablet Playbook by unveiling a Bluetooth keyboard for transforming it into a small laptop with OS 2.0 playbook. An accessory available for pre-order, therefore it has a price.

There are many bluetooth keyboards for iPad or Android tablets,but for the Blackberry Playbook, it was hitherto unpublished. RIM changes the game by announcing the commercialization of next March 23 a Blackberry Mini Keyboard, a Bluetooth keyboard with a touchpad and a holster to accommodate the playbook.

One way to transform a priori effective shelf 7 inch mini netbook easy to carry, especially for professionals who do not want the hassle of a computer. Still to come on the cheap since this accessory is available for pre-order at a price of 119.99 dollars.

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