Concept Phone One-on-One: Blackberry vs. Optimus Maximus

Blackberry has made many lives easier but what can they do to make life even easier for you? Well with not just 1 touch screen how about 23. How much easier would that make it for you?


Well if that seems like a genius idea to you then look what we have in store for you. With the top two phones ever made some one decided to mash them up so now you have a Blackberry Optimus Maximus with all the great features of the blackberry mixed in with all the great features of the Optimus Maximus.

This mash up could be the next big thing in technology not only can you have the good old hard key pad you could also have the easy to use touch key pad too. Things couldn’t get any better than that.

However this was just an idea that someone conjured up but many think blackberry should produce this genius new mash up phone. Blackberry has done considerably well since launching their hand held computer like phone with over ½ million being sold worldwide. Unfortunately though they need to sell many more of their genius phones just to cover the advertising costs.

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