Blazing Fast Internet: Does Your Country Have It?

Many of you probably haven’t heard about Akamai. Well, it is a company that tabulates the data regarding internet usage worldwide. It claims that they get over 1 trillion requests per day to its global server network. The company has structured this data into its quarterly “State OfThe Internet” report. The report lists the world’s fastest and slowest Internet connections by country. For a country to be included in Akamai’s report, it must have made more than 25,000 requests from unique IP addresses in the last quarter. They have set this rule to dodge the possibilities of unfair comparison of figures between countries, with significant differences in population and infrastructure. Results show that global internet speed is witnessing high level of advance in the past few years. Statistically speaking, comparing the first and second quarters of 2011, average global connection speed has increased by 21 percent and is now 2.6 Megabits per second. Surprisingly, the US only bags 12th rank with the average speed of 5.8 Mbps. It’s reported that fastest internet connected country has an average connection speed of 13.8 Mbps, more than twice as fast as the US.

However, more than 80 countries in the list have shown a growth in internet speed by 10 percent or more, withLatviatopping the growth rate by 29 percent. The US has shown an increment of 26% in internet speed. This hugely owes to the FCC’s new broadband regulations, which plan to fetch quicker Internet to under-served regions of theUS. In the US, broadband is claimed to have minimum speeds of 3 Mbps for downloading and 768 Kbps for uploading. As business models are written to infrastructure that favors download over uploads, downloading is usually faster than uploading in many countries.

Look at the top countries in the globe who rule the domain of Internet connectivity speed in the ascending order. Here’s a listing, courtesy of HuffingtonPost.



Belgium, one of the prominent countries in European Union bags the 9th rank with an average Connection Speed of 6.4 Mbps. It has shown a 4.8 percent faster internet connection than its first quarter.



Romania may have attracted world attention for the unrivalled beauty of its forests, but it seems to be not a step back in internet connectivity as well. Statistics show that it has an average connection speed of 6.8 Mbps, while showing an increase of 2.3 % from its first quarter



This western European country, a haven for tourism and banks, is way ahead in the race of nations providing faster internet connectivity. Around 7.3 Mbps is the average connection speed of this country which is 17 percent faster than the last first quarter.

Czech Republic


The Czech Republic has been cited once as a most expensive tourist destination in the world, but it seems very economic on internet connections. It has an average connection speed of 7.4 Mbps. That is a faster growth from last first quarter by a whopping 13 percent.



Once a Russian colony, this small country has now liberated to new heights in internet connection speeds.Latviaboasts an average Connection Speed of 2 Mbps, while it is 29 percent faster than the last first quarter that is highest in the latest statistics.

The Netherlands

Also known as Holland, this country is a hub of culture, canals and tourism. The Netherlands claims an average connection speed of 8.5 Mbps. It boasts a 14 percent faster internet connection than its last first quarter.



The land of the rising sun is ahead in the competition for the high speed internet connectivity among developed countries. It has an average connection speed of around 8.9 Mbps. It has marked a 10 % faster connectivity than the last first quarter.

Hong Kong


This special administrative region (SAR) of the most populous countryChinais runner up in the race for the speediest internet connectivity for now. It has an average connection speed of around 10.3 Mbps. It has acquired a 12 percent faster speed in connectivity that that of last first quarter.

South Korea


It’s not much of a surprise if one of the technological power houses in world garners the top position for being the country with the fastest internet connectivity. The average speed availed for citizens of this country is 13.8 Mbps. It stays in the top slot. However, it showed an 4.2 % decrease in speed compared with that during the past quarter.

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  • November 18, 2011 at 3:49 am

    In Indonesia, 10mbps is the fastest, but it very expensive 🙁

  • November 29, 2011 at 7:24 am

    Well, the real taste of using internet comes only when you have blazing fast internet. In my country also, several providers are providing that much speed.

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