BMW 3 Series GT: Charmer from the German Auto Major

German automaker BMW is set to unveil its latest 3 Series Gran Turismo at the Geneva Motor Show this year. A great move from the part of luxury automaker, the car would incorporate improved storage space, strong performance and excellent economy features. The BMW 3 Series GT will top the 3 series range, and is a taller hatchback version of the popular executive sibling.


The 3 GT is 200mm longer and 81 mm taller than any of the 3 Series BMW which means it is 4284 m long and has a wheelbase of 110mm.


The new version promises a higher seating position for the front and rear passengers. They can be raised by 59 mm, while leg room can be increased by 70mm compared to that of the sedan. That would make it easy to get in and get out of the car.

7-bmw-110213The LED-illuminated boot helps to fold down the rear seat backs and alter the boot shape and capacity so that the car offers more space for rear passengers.

The GT 3 offers a choice of 4-cylinder 245PS 328i and the 6-cylinder 300PS 335i with three petrol and two diesel engines, and power outputs of between 141 and 302bhp. The eight-speed automatic gearbox is an option.


The new model resembles earlier versions in the 3 Series, but it tops the range by incorporating stylish features like integrated active spoiler at the rear and an M Sport package.

4-bmw-110213All these features make the 3 Series GT a good tourer than the sedan. Prices start from £27,880 and first deliveries are expected this June. The model will hit North American showrooms by the end of this year.


Images: IBNLive

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    All the BMW GT series is so contraverse… It leaves no indifferent, and that is good!

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