Book-sensitive Reading Lamp (July 17, 2009) — The Book-sensitive Reading Lamp designed by French designers Jun Yasumoto, Alban Le Henry, Olivier Pigasse and Vincent Vandenbrouck. This lamp will be one of the most amusing things for people who love to read books.

Book-sensitive-Reading-LampThe Book Sensitive Reading Lamp has a sensor built in that when you rest your book on top, it switches off and then turns on again when you remove the book to read it.

The Book-sensitive Reading Lamp is finished with polycarbonate, compact fluorescent light and mechanical switch, which not just makes it lightweight but stylish as well. Moreover, you may mount the lamp on the wall and use it as a regular light to illuminate your place.

Unfortunately, the lamp is only a concept at this time. It is hoped that it will make its way to the real world soon.

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