Brite-View’s New HD Media Player the Cinema Tube (Sept. 01, 2009) — Brite-View released a new HD media player with CinemaCube. This CinemaTube is 3-in-1: a full 1080p HD media player/streamer/torrent downloader and is available for $99.99.

CinemaThe previous CinemaTube model doesn’t have any HD. The CinemaTube saves you all the trouble of burning CDs and DVDs.

This new CinemaTube has provided a full 1080p HD media player, with BitTorrent downloader, as well as YouTube XL, which allows you to watch YouTube right on the TV.

YouTube XL is a version of YouTube optimized for watching YouTube videos on any large screen. Watch stored movies and pictures on TV without turning your computer on.

The CinemaTube is enabled with UPnP. If you are not subscribed to the cable service then it’s possible with the CinemaTube to watch the television network content by installation of 3rd party applications such as PlayOn and TVersity on computer that connect the CinemaTube to the same network.

The CinemaTube turns your HDTV into a supersized digital photo frame. The CinemaTube only uses 10 watts of electricity when downloading. While your PC takes 100 watts for just to turn on.

The CinemaTube supports multiple Video formats and audio output formats. It has two USB ports and can playback contents from any removable USB-based storage device.

One thought on “Brite-View’s New HD Media Player the Cinema Tube

  • September 2, 2009 at 11:20 am

    Can this device access your computer’s hard drive? I have a TV tuner on my PC, and it would be useful if this device could access the recorded files on my PC. The files are too large to be practical to copy to a flash drive (6GB per hour of HD video)

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