Buying a car? Consider These Before You Pay

There are numerous car models available for different price ranges in the market. But before buying one, there are certain things to be considered. We suggest you read these suggestions before you zero in on your model.



  • Decide the type of car best suited for you. Do you want it for long trips or are you looking for just city drives.


  • Look closely if you need one with extra luggage space. Make fully sure you’re your dream vehicle meets your objectives.


  • Know how much you can afford to buy a car. Just research on potential insurance options as well as other running costs and maintenance.


  • Find out if there is any hidden cost like charges for number plates and delivery.


  • Check running costs. As you are all aware, diesel cars are more fuel efficient but are expensive.


  • Depreciation of the car needs to be considered. Learn about how much the car depreciates in the first 3 years and how much this would affect you when the car is sold to another party.


  • Once you confirm on your budget, make sure you know how much you will be financing the car. Stick to your budget – that’s very important.


  • There are test drive options provided by all makers and dealers. Make use of it to see whether it is comfortable and suits your needs.

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