CES 2012: the first information’s about Xbox and PlayStation 4?

The design of the future Xbox have begun in 2005 and was divided into two projects: one material, called Infinity, and other software, called Loop. The term “Loop” is also not new and appears regularly in the hallway noise about the supposed Xbox “720”.

We can expect that that announcement will be made during the week of CES 2012. And rumors surrounding the hardware are amazing to mention, especially regarding the CPU, since it has no less than six hearts….

A confirmation would be surprising for several reasons. The most important is that such a number of cores require an adaptation of the entire development environment to take advantage. Also, would it be like being a PowerPC or a return to an x86 architecture? Finally, the Xbox is a mass product; this would imply a significant production of this chip with six cores.

The remaining features include 2 GB of DDR3 RAM and a dual GPU from AMD. If the dual GPU requires a very high computing power, the fact that they would be branded by AMD is not surprising. After all, the GPU of the Xbox 360 is now branded by ATI which is not surprise.

It should be noted that the transition from Windows 8 should greatly influence the future of the Xbox. Let alone cover the operating system in the console game development today can easily target Windows, Windows Phone 7 or Xbox 360. This simplicity should remain a major goal, but we already know that XNA is not supported in Windows 8, which requires ads to come for a replacement or redirection.

Of course, rumors about the Xbox “720” are to be taken lightly. Moreover, it is not forbidden that Sony created the event on its side with the first information about the PlayStation 4. It would be interesting also to check whether the firm would return to the heart of the heavy investments on the development of the Cell chip, jointly with IBM and Toshiba.

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