China Orders Parental Control on Kids’ Online Gaming

Addiction towards internet is one among the growing problems that we can see among children and in China also things are not different. The number of internet addicts is China today is estimated to be 33 million. But now it seems that the authorities have come up with some measures to tackle the issue of internet addiction.

The authorities have actually ordered the video game operators not to hinder the parents from monitoring the playing sessions of their children. Eight government departments in China have issued a joint notice on Monday and have demanded the online gaming companies to follow the new guidelines from 1st of March this year.

Parents will be then allowed to put daily or weekly restrictions on their child’s game playing time, but only upon proving their identity. They can even impose a complete ban on the play-time as an option will be provided for that.

Although the initiative seems to make many parents across the country happy, some parents and experts have come up with some serious doubts. Some of them feel that the new restriction will make the children more rebellious and can even be the cause of some serious issues/conflicts in the family.

There are also voices coming against the new notice by claiming it to be a governmental gesture rather than an efficient solution.

With the sudden issue of the notice, the game operators will have to employ special staff to assist with the project and to set up web pages and hotlines.

Once effective, it will not allow children to spend more than 10 yuan ($1.50) on online games for a month. It suggested the children to only spend less than two hours a week in playing online games.

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