Chrome passes Safari in browser handling (Jan 04, 2010) — In its 15th month of public being, Google’s Chrome browser surpassed Safari for share of international usage in December.

cromebrowerChrome jumped from 3.9 percent to 4.6 percent of usage, according to statistics that analytics firm Net Applications publishes based on the 160 million monthly visitors to the system of Web sites using its services. Safari improved from 4.4 percent to 4.5 percent. Chrome’s leap came as Google released the first beta version of its browser for Mac OS X and Linux computers. Earlier only a developer-preview version was obtainable.

As of previous month, Google had been planned to modify the Chrome 4.0 beta version to “stable” on January 12, although mention of that release date has currently been removed from the Chromium development calendar. One likely glitch: the Mac beta version and the current Mac developer-preview version don’t yet support one key characteristic of the newer 4.0 personification of Chrome: extensions. That means the feature, which allows people tailor what the browser can do to some level, has yet to obtain extensive testing on Mac OS X machines.

In addition according to Net Applications’ statistics, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer sustained its stable slide, dropping from 63.6 percent to 62.7 percent usage. The majority of IE’s share loss has been picked up by No. 2 Firefox; however that open-source browser slipped from 24.7 percent to 24.6 percent from November to December.

Better news for Microsoft, and for Web developers who hate sustaining the IE 6 browser first released in 2001: IE 8 has approximately edged the older browser to the side as the top browser version in use.

IE 8 rose in usage from 19.3 percent to 20.9 percent from November to December, whilst IE 6 dropped from 22.1 percent to 21 percent.

After overwhelming Netscape in the first browser wars of the 1990s, Microsoft grew self-satisfied. But the entrance of Firefox and increasing usage of other browsers has revitalized the Internet Explorer team.

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