Cobra Digital Radar Warns You of Existing Driving Hazards (Apr.20 , 2009) — Cobra takes the concept of a radar detector to a new level with the addition of GPS technology in the Cobra XRS 9960G that warns you of existing driving hazards.

radar1The plug-in GPS module adds a whole new set of features not commonly found in radar detectors. With new feature, the radar detector not only alerts you to electronic surveillance, but gives warnings about red light cameras, speed traps, and hazardous driving areas from its updateable Aura database.

The Cobra XRS 9960G detects X, K, Ka bands, as well as Ku, a band used in Europe that will purportedly appear in the U.S. It also alerts you to VG-2 and Spectre devices that can pick up if you are using a radar detector. The device includes 360-degree laser detection, along with a special alert for pop-up radar.

Along with its 15-band detection, Cobra’s XRS 9960G correlates your current location with a database of known red-light and speed cameras, as well as potentially hazardous driving areas.

A color screen on the Cobra XRS 9960G shows pleasing and informative graphics when showing an alert. It uses both visual and audio alerts when it detects radar or laser.

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