Your Car May Alert You if a Tsunami is Coming (Aug. 6, 2006) — Your car may be able to alert you if tsunami or tornado like disaster is imminent.

tsunamiGerman researchers have developed a technology which allows the horns of parked cars to be activated in case of disaster.

Researchers of the Fraunhofer Institute for Technological Trend Analysis INT in Euskirchen, Germany, have offered a way to allow authorities to beam disaster warnings to your car, which will inform you the coming danger.

New cars in many European countries are going to be equipped with this technology that is based on the eCall emergency system.

The eCall system was developed at the initiative of the EU Commission to help reduce the number of road traffic fatalities.

This system consists of a GPS sensor and a mobile phone component, which is activated only in case of an accident, such as when the airbags are triggered. It can transmit data about accident time, location and driving direction of the vehicle to an emergency call centre.

The INT researchers said that this infrastructure can also be used to receive signals. Once the cars are equipped with a radio receiver, their horns can be triggered in case of disaster.

The receiver would be activated by civil defence protection agencies. These might alert all vehicles within certain GPS co-ordinates to begin sounding their horns.

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