Companies continue to invest in green IT (Dec. 07, 2009) — In spite of the recession, a large portion of corporate tech expenditure is being earmarked for environmental projects, a latest Deloitte study finds.

deloitteAlmost every two out of three of the companies surveyed by Deloitte—large enterprises with revenues of $500m plus—said they have at least five per cent of their IT budget earmarked for green IT projects.

One in three claimed to have allocated 15 per cent or more and one in eight were spending over 25 per cent on green projects. Cutting cost is even now a considerable inspiring factor behind green investments, along with dipping regulatory risk and improving public perception, Deloitte said.

Two-thirds of respondents said their company has a official programme in place for measuring, monitoring and improving ecological performance, even as just less than half of companies said they charge the expenditure of electricity for IT directly back to departments—making them unswervingly responsible for the power they utilize.

The report too found that some UK organizations are making chief efforts to decrease their carbon emissions. The John Lewis Partnership, for example, is operating UNIX machines in production at about 80 per cent utilization, which means they are using a half to a third of the number of machines to complete the similar tasks as some other organizations. In the meantime, HSBC incorporates environmental criterion into its equipment procurement, to ensure its buying energy-saving kit.

Head of Deloitte’s green IT consulting practice, John Winstanley, said as a chief user of electricity and producer of waste electronics the IT department was one of the primary business functions to be scrutinized and then required to perk up its competence and diminish its environmental impact.

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