Regular Continuous Glucose Monitors could control Diabetes for all age groups (Sept. 07, 2009) — The effectiveness of continuous glucose monitors (CGM) show that the primary factor in achieving better diabetes control is regular use of monitors – six days per week or more – rather than the age of patients, and that benefits continue well past the time when people with type 1 diabetes begin using the devices – including experiencing fewer low blood sugar emergencies.

BillTamborlane“Based on these results they found that CGM can help people get in control of their diabetes, help people already managing their disease maintain good control, and help people stay in control over an extended period of time, while lowering their risk for hypoglycemia,” said Dr. William V. Tamborlane, of Yale University, a co-chair of the JDRF funded study.

People with diabetes try to maintain their blood sugar levels between 70 mg/dL and 180 mg/dL. When blood sugar becomes very low, people can become confused, lethargic, and even slip into a coma or die. Very high blood sugars can also be dangerous.

One measure of control is HbA1c, which measures long-term blood sugar management; standards of good control are generally below 7% for adults, and below 7.5% to 8% for children, depending on age.

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