All about Deals, deals, deals: Microsoft’s Windows 7 launch (Oct 20, 2009) — With the launch of Windows 7, Microsoft is going back to its fundamentals. It’s too accurate of how Microsoft plans to initiate the latest operating system on Thursday.

Windows 7Instead of going in for flash, the company is paying attention on making certain that all of its partners are prepared to trade plenty of PCs and copies of Windows 7.

“We’re living in a different world today,” Microsoft Vice President Tami Reller stated in a discussion with CNET News.

Windows 7, for now, offers only slight changes to the Windows core from Vista, and aims to be quicker and easier to find the way than its precursor. Reller said the objective with the promotion of Windows 7 is to allow the product talk for itself. Early ads have featured Kylie — the absolutely talented preschooler — reading a little of the product’s optimistic reviews.

Microsoft said this time around, it is putting almost the entire of its power on receiving the product in front of as many people as probable. In the past Windows launches, there will be plenty of specials and promotions attached to the Windows 7 launch. Customers, she said “be able to anticipate great, great deals.”

And obviously, Microsoft is scheduling an enormous promotion campaign to endorse the product. The launch of Windows 7 is the answer for Microsoft, which gets a massive portion of overall sales and income from Windows.

Even though several PC makers have already begun introducing their Windows 7-based models, Reller promised there are additional machines so far to be announced.

Some stores will as well open at midnight, Reller said, without offering particulars. Microsoft itself is opening its initial retail store — in Scottsdale, Arizona to match with the launch, though that store opens at 10 a.m. on Thursday.

Microsoft will too ring the opening bell on Nasdaq on Thursday, as Microsoft will bond with its computer maker associates to finish the day’s trading.

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