ARM Announces 45nm SOI Test Chip Results that demonstrate 40 Percent Power Savings over Bulk Process (Oct. 9, 2009) — ARM announced the 45nm SOI test chip results that demonstrate potential power savings of up to 40 percent over traditional bulk process for manufacturing chips.

ARM_LogoThe test chip was based on an ARM 1176 processor and enables a direct comparison between silicon-on-insulator (SOI) and bulk microprocessor implementations.

The results confirm SOI technology is a viable alternative to traditional bulk process technology when designing low-power processors for high-performance consumer devices and mobile applications.

ARM and Soitec collaborated to produce a test chip to demonstrate the power savings in a real silicon implementation with a well-known, industry-standard core.

The goal was to produce a comparison of 45nm SOI high-performance technology with bulk CMOS 45nm low-power (LP) technology of the same product.

The silicon results show that 45nm high-performance SOI technology can provide up to 40 percent power savings and a 7 percent circuit area reduction compared to bulk CMOS low-power technology, operating at the same speed. This same implementation also demonstrated 20 percent higher operating frequency capability over bulk while saving 30 percent in total power in specific test applications.

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