Dewpointe Atmospheric Generator Generate Water from Air (July 23, 2009) — San Luis Obispo has developed the DewPointe Atmospheric Generator to generate water from air. This device is available MSRP of $2,000 and it can be a boon in places where water is scanty as it produces enough water to run an entire household.

Water from AirThe device uses the concept of Dehumidifiers and so the device first filters the air, condenses the water, and filters the water as well. There is no chance that the device leaves any pesticides, heavy metals, toxins, pharmaceuticals and harmful microorganisms in the water it produces. This device is the size of a normal water cooler and provided cold as well as hot water instantly.

The device uses a 10-stage filtration process to ensure that the water is free of any dirt and also uses UV filters to kill microorganisms. Even the air sucked inside the device is filtered and then used to produce water. This device is Energy star rated and runs quietly without making any noise.

If the device is equipped with solar panels we can have instant drinking water anywhere and anytime. It could be a perfect companion for trekkers and travelers alike on their journeys around the remotest places on earth.

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