Digital Music Supplier Napster Cuts Price and Adds 5 Downloads (May 19, 2009) — Napster is cutting down its monthly subscription price to $5 and adds 5 downloads of songs to its streaming service.

napsterLos Angeles-based Napster hopes it will expand its customer base and compete with Apple Inc’s iTunes, the dominant digital music leader.

The company said users can now get unlimited access to stream music from its library of 7 million songs and five free songs for download every month for a subscription fee of $5. Previously, Napster had charged subscribers $12.99 for a streaming-only service.

“We’ve worked very closely with our label partners to come up with a re-engineered economic structure that is a win-win for everyone starting with consumers,” said Chris Gorog, Napster’s chief executive.

Napster will roll out an in-store marketing campaign across Best Buy’s 1,031 stores in the United States.

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