GE displays 1TB DVD-Sized Disks, Using Holographic Technology (Oct. 1, 2009) — GE has been developing a holographic technology that can pack 1TB onto a DVD-sized disk that can be read by a modified Blu-ray player and is expected to last 100 years.

genralelectricThe first products using the technology will be 1TB drives for archival storage.

The holographic drives will have a 3ms access time and data transfer rates up to five times faster than a DVD. And they can be factory replicated, making them suitable for ultra-high quality movie distribution.

Holographic storage involves holograms, images of data, being stored in layers in disk. The images are created by two laser beams and read by a laser beam. GE’s researchers managed to shrink these images, calling them micro-holograms.

A CD-size disk could store 500GB using this technology, with 1TB and greater capacity.

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