E-cigarettes ‘do further damage than good’

Technology.am (Jan 21, 2010) — London, January 21: Battery-powered e-cigarettes can do further injury than good, as they in fact contain injurious chemicals, experts claim.

E-CigarettesTwo most important Greek researchers have advised consumers to discontinue using the devices until ongoing protection studies are reported back.

The recognition of e-cigarettes has improved as consumers can inhale nicotine without tar, tobacco or carbon monoxide.

Nevertheless, the US Food and Drug Administration have expressed anxiety after learning different brands delivered noticeably diverse amounts of nicotine vapor with every puff.

They have detected traces of dominant cancer-causing chemicals as well.

In addition, private enterprise Health New Zealand has found cancer-causing chemicals in the product.

“The sparse facts indicate the existence of different toxic and carcinogenic compounds in e-cigarettes, although in possibly much lesser concentrations than in usual cigarettes,” the BBC News quoted the researchers as saying.

In the meantime, a Department of Health spokeswoman insisted the government was functioning to make sure e-cigarettes were labeled and sold properly.

She said: “The Department of Health is not alert of any facts about the long-term protection of e-cigarettes and, as such, would recommend that consumers implement caution.

“E-cigarettes are not promoted by, or available on, the NHS.”

3 thoughts on “E-cigarettes ‘do further damage than good’

  • December 22, 2010 at 7:02 am

    The FDA is just mad that they cannot get approved to regulate these, is all. No money in it for them, so they’d rather blast the product and get everyone smoking their cancer sticks again. I am an e-cigarette smoker and the benefits far outweigh the risks. The best part about the e-cig is pretty soon, I won’t even feel the urge to smoke and I’m one less consumer to the tobacco industry.

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