Earth sends 25,000 Hellos to Outer Space (Aug 31, 2009) — Over 25,000 messages have been sent into outer space in a bid to reach a distant planet that may hold life.

outer-spaceThey aims to send messages to the nearest Earth-like planet outside our solar system, called Gliese 581d, which is 20.3 light years away. People think Gliese 581d might have life.

Each message was collected on a website called “Friends from Earth” and all 25,880 messages were beamed together in a giant twitter-like message that took two hours to send.

The messages, transmitted at about midday AEST from the Tidbinbilla Deep Space Communication Complex outside Canberra, have come from 195 countries.

Travelling at the speed of light, or 300,000km per second, it will take 20.3 years for the messages to reach the planet and just as long for a response back to Earth. It will take four decades for a reply to reach Earth. The antenna used to transit messages was beaming to 302 gigawatts.

The project was a part of National Science Week, which in its 12th year aims to create an awareness of the importance of science.

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