EFF helps US users to recover their files to Megaupload

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) today announced the establishment of a plan to recover some data hosted on Megaupload servers. Called MegaRetrieval, this program is implemented with the support of Carpathia Hosting, one of the hosts will store files Megaupload. Unfortunately, limited service to the Americans.

When the government of the United States has closed access to Megaupload, multitudes of innocent users who store files lost all legitimate means to access their data“, says the project site installed by the EFF . “If you’re one of them based in the United States, and are looking for legal help to recover your data, contact us.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation says ex that she could not respond to all requests addressed to it, for lack of logistics – it is a non-profit organization – but says it “will review the requests and, if possible, try to solve problems“.

The project is supported by Carpathia Hosting, one of the storage companies with which Megaupload subcontractor. The company points out again that it “does not and has never had access to content servers Megaupload“, and it is therefore unnecessary contact to hope to recover data. She “hopes to create awareness MegaRetrieval Megaupload users about the possibility of seeking legal assistance to recover their data” Carpathia, like Cogent Communications, said Monday night that the files hosted on Megaupload account will not be erased immediately, at least until mid-February.

If it is limited in the United States, the initiative of the EFF could possibly give ideas to other agencies in other jurisdictions.

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