Sony develops highly efficient Wireless Power Transfer System (Oct. 03, 2009) — Sony Corporation developed a highly efficient wireless power transfer system that eliminates the use of power cables from electronic products such as television sets. This new system incorporates a form of contactless electrical energy transmission technology based on magnetic resonance.

wireless-power-transferUsing this system, up to 60 Watts of electrical energy can be transferred over a distance of 50cm (at an efficiency of approximately 80%, approximately 60% including rectifier).

With magnetic resonance, electromagnetic energy is only transferred to recipient devices that share the identical resonant frequencies as the energy source, so energy transfer efficiency is maintained, even when misalignment occurs. Furthermore, even if there are metal objects located between the transmitter and receiver, no heat induction occurs.

Sony has also drawn on its years of experience developing high radio frequency (RF) technologies for use in wireless communications and broadcast products to create a new rectifier that realizes both high speed and high efficiency.

The new wireless power transfer system combines these technologies to realize transfer efficiency of 60%, even when a rectifier is included.

Sony has also developed passive extender units that are set to the same frequencies as the transmission and recipient devices, enabling the transfer distance to be extended from 50cm to 80cm without any degradation in transfer efficiency.

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