EU Lawmakers Approve New Price Cap on Text Message (Apr. 23, 2009) — The European Parliament approved Wednesday for a new price cap that will reduce the cost of sending text messages from abroad by nearly two-thirds.

text_messagePhone users will pay a maximum of 11 euro cents (14 cents) for sending text messages from another European Union nation starting July 1, down from the current average cost of 28 euro cents (36 cents).

The EU lawmakers also approved lower caps for “roaming” calls that set a ceiling of 43 euro cent (56 cents) per minute for making a call and 19 euro cents (25 cents) for receiving one.

Mobile Internet users could also see cheaper fees as the Parliament fixed a one-euro ($1.29) limit per megabyte on how much operators could charge each other to use their networks.

Telecoms companies’ association GSMA said they were not happy with the price regulation and they hoped the price caps would expire – as intended – in mid-2012. They suppose regulation could hurt the new investments that have cut mobile prices by more than a third since 2004.

Consumers’ group BEUC told it would start pushing in 2011 for the price caps to be extended again.

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