EU, Phone Makers to Introduce Universal Charger (June 29, 2009) — European Union will introduce a universal charger for smart phones as of next year that will cut costs for manufacturers and reduce the number of chargers thrown away when consumers buy new phones.

universal_chargerEuropean Commission Vice President Guenter Verheugen explains a mobile phone agreement during a press conference at the EU Commission building in Brussels, Monday June 29, 2009.

This agreement applies to the EU, but it’s likely that the standardization will apply to phones and chargers sold outside the member countries.

Nokia Corp., Samsung Electronics Co., LG Electronics Inc., Sony Ericsson, Apple Inc., Motorola Inc., Research in Motion Ltd. and NEC Corp. committed to developing a standard for phone charging based on the Micro-USB interface.

Tony Graziano, technical director for DigitalEurope said, “Any external power supply will be able to charge other manufacturers’ phones, this doesn’t mean that all new data-enabled phones will come with Micro-USB ports.”

He said manufacturers can satisfy the terms of the agreement by producing an adapter. Apple, for instance, has consistently used a proprietary connector for its iPhone and could produce an adapter that plugs into the phone to accept a Micro-USB charger.

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