Europe’s Fastest Supercomputer Unveiled in Germany (May 28, 2009) — A new supercomputer having the power of 50,000 home PCs, the third worldwide and the fastest in Europe, was unveiled on Tuesday in Germany.

julishThe new supercomputer “Jugene,” capable of 1,000,000,000,000,000 (one quadrillion) calculations per second, ranks behind the “Roadrunner” and “Jaguar” computers in the US, said Kosta Schinarakis from the Juelich research centre.

The Juelich research centre said that the supercomputer Jugene is not an ordinary PC, requiring 295,000 processors located in 72 lockers each the size of a telephone box, it will be used for a wide variety of operations, including research on fuel cells for electric cars, weather forecasting and the origins of the universe.

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