Every Move You Make, Free Smart Phone App Helps You Burn Calories

Technology.am (May 19, 2009) — Now, the iPhone can even count how many calories you’ve burned in a given day.

phone-app-helpsThe best way to measure calories is through a VO2 cardio-pulmonary instrument that determines the amount of oxygen consumed. Ioannis Pavlidis at University of Houston professor devised a way to correlate iPhone accelerometer values with virtual VO2 measurements.

“You just keep the phone attached to your waistband or carry in your pocket as you normally would, and it records every little motion you do – from walking to climbing stairs – and translates it into calories burned,” Pavlidis said.

A new, free download called Walk n’ Play is available from Apple’s “App Store” allowing users to have fun while burning calories. The game lets players keep track of their physical activity through their iPhones.

Walk n’ Play was designed the cartoon characters of the game. This allows players to compete in real time against another iPhone user or against a simulator and watch the calories burn off as they go about their everyday walking.

The main characteristic of Walk n’ Play is the gaming or competition aspect. You can either employ the buddy system in an exercise regimen, with a friend who also carries an iPhone or challenge yourself with a simulator that is programmed to follow an ideal routine for maintaining or losing weight through healthy activities.

By trying to outdo your friend or follow the simulator’s behavior patterns, there’s a built-in incentive with this program.

Pavlidis likens it to a form of social networking, motivating users to walk and putting them in contact with others.

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