Extreme Christmas Trees Around the World

As the Christmas is around the corner, people have started making Christmas trees which is the sheer embodiment of anticipation, excitement and joy of Christmas. We can see many adventurous, thrilling and stunning installations of Christmas Trees around the world. Let us gather top ten extreme Christmas trees!

Tall Tree

The tree glows from the wall of Tokyo’s Akasaka Grand Prince hotel.

Six-Story High Tree

This lighted tree adorns Ion shopping mall in Singapore.

Giant Tree

The 98 foot giant Christmas tree is installed at Place Kleber in Strasbourg’s city center.

Teddy Bear Tree

Teddy Bear Tree, which is located at a shopping center in Beijing,China, is sure to attract any kid.

Beer Christmas Tree

This magnificent beer tree is made of 2500 empty beer bottles by German artists Ralph Juecker and Thomas Kraus in Cologne.

Bicycle Tree

Bicycle Tree is located in Sydney,Australia.

Bicycle Tree

Placed in Shenyang, China, the bicycle tree is made up with 230 bicycles.

White Tree

As pure as snow, this one is installed in Rome’s Piazza Venezia.

St.George Tree

This tree for St. George is placed in the center of Tbilisi.

Lantern Tree

Lantern Tree which can be seen at Xian of Shaanxi Province, China is 32-foot-high.

Spaghetti Tree

Spaghetti Tree is located inTirana, Albania

Toy Tree

Toy Tree in Jakarta is sure to capture the minds of kids.


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