Extreme Laptop Testing: Can Anything Destroy a ToughBook?

Before any of the Panasonic Toughbook laptops are even placed on the market shelves, they must first be able to live up to a number of conditions. The rugged laptop models are made to go through a number of difficult tasks before they are able to be released and labeled as rugged. There are quality testing facilities that go through the process of test after test to see how the laptop can handle each situation. It is their goal to make sure that the best laptop is able to withstand a variety of different situations before being labeled as a rugged-laptop.

Each year Panasonic has destroyed more than 1,000 laptops just in order to prove that the laptop can be made stronger, tougher, and more durable. The tests performed on the Toughbook are done with harsh conditions to prove that even in the coldest, wettest, dirtiest places, the Toughbook will indeed stay intact and function.

Panasonic Toughbook laptop

Before any of the Toughbook semi-rugged laptop models or rugged laptop models are released, they are tested to make sure that the laptop can hold up to 50,000 cycles of being turned on and off. The keyboard also has to be able to be used for at least a minimum of 25 million keystrokes. Are you curious as to how they can measure this? It is actually quite simple. A technician will stand by and watch as the machine is tested and if it fails, the model is thrown into the trash and the engineer will have to make changes to the model before he or she begins the retest. For every unit that Panasonic has built, the rugged laptop or extreme laptop has gone through 500 tests before it ever reaches the consumer.


The units will be looked at closely for the ability to be able to drop and shock the laptop. It will need to be able to be dropped from various levels to prove that the machine is rugged enough to be labeled as such. Once the drop and shock test has been performed, they move onto the various liquids that can be spilled on the machine. Once they know that liquid can be spilled without affecting the use of the rugged laptop, they move on to another test.

Panasonic Toughbook laptop1

The vibration resistance test is very important as there are places that the rugged or extreme laptop will be used that can cause serious damage to traditional laptops and hard drives. For instance, a police officer will need to be able to use the laptop in his or her car. Therefore, the laptop must be able to hold up to the vibration of the vehicle.

The ToughBook will also be tested to see which temperature settings are best for the laptop. It must be able to withhold its function while in various temperature ranges. Also the laptop will be tested for the amount of pressure that it will be able to hold up to. You want to make sure that if something were ever to come down on it that it maintains the ability to function afterward.

As you can see, there is nearly any situation that the rugged laptop or extreme laptop is placed in to test its abilities before being put on the shelf of any store. If you have any questions about ToughBooks, please feel free to contact us. Our website is www.mooringtech.com

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