Facebook boss changes Privacy settings

Technology.am (Dec. 15, 2009) — Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has altered the privacy settings on his personal page to open it up to friends of friends. This means that hundreds of his photographs and status updates are at the present visible to extensive viewers.

facebooksign-bodyPrior to the switch, only minimal information about Mr Zuckerberg was obtainable through Facebook. The change comes as Facebook faces disapproval for big changes to the manner members administer their use of the site.

On 9 December Facebook announced the changes to privacy settings by means of a pop-up message that greeted all members as soon as they visited the site.

Facebook has faced criticism over the changes because, generally, they add to the number of people that will be capable to view the information an individual puts on the site. Some groups have been created to channel concern about the changes to Facebook managers.

The social networking site was criticized for making some information available to all with no chance to boundary who can see it. The unfavorable reaction to the privacy switch has forced Facebook to roll back a few changes. In particular, it has stopped up making lists of friends available to all.

Initially, Ms Hill believed the change was unintentional and Mr Zuckerberg had fallen foul of the complex rules governing what information are shared and what is public. But in an update to his personal page Mr Zuckerberg said opening up admittance was purposeful.

Writing on the page, he said: “For those wondering, I set most of my content on my personal Facebook page to be open so people could see it.”

He added: “I set some of my content to be more private, but I didn’t see a need to limit visibility of pics with my friends, family or my teddy bear :).”

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