Study Reveals Too Much Facebook Can Make Teenage Girls Depressed

Researchers from Stony Brook University have declared that excessive co-rumination–perhaps you would refer to it as “chatting with your friends about your problems”–by text, e-mail and on social-networking sites leaves impressionable teenage girls more prone to anxiety and depression.


“There is a wealth of communication technology available to teens today that allows them to talk over and over again about the same emotional difficulties,” declared Joanne Davila, the psychology professor who led the research.

The researchers examined the lives of 83 13-year-old girls. No, they didn’t do it online. And yes, the girls were accompanied by their parents. They re-examined them after a year.

They concluded that the more the girls discussed their romantic ups and downs with their friends online, the more they became candidates for Prozac. And the more extensive their romantic adventures, the more they wanted to talk about them. With depressing consequences.

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