Facebook Launched In Indian Languages

Technology.am (May 10, 2009) —The social networking site Facebook has launched it in Indian languages to get more eyeballs from India.

facebook1Over 1100 million people, a large number of whom are young, India can be a big market for Facebook and similar other social networking sites. The website currently has more than 200 million active users worldwide.

Just a few weeks ago Gmail also introduced Indian languages (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam) for composing email on this popular email service provider.

If enabled you will see an icon with an Indian character next to the Bold button, as seen in the last picture above. To select the language of your choice simply click on the icon and select the language from the drop down menu. Now to use this feature simply type the word the way it is pronounced and Gmail will automatically convert it into the language of your choice.

The new move by Facebook will help it combat with Google’s Orkut, which is by far the dominant social networking site in India. But, the drawback with Facebook’s new Indian language service is that there is no transliteration available. The social networking site can benefit from Indian language services only if it allows users to compose messages in Indian languages. However, Google has also not incorporated transliteration into Orkut.

The success of Facebook’s new service will depend on the tech-savvy Indian youth, whose preference to English language is more than any other Indian languages. Well, only time can tell whether Facebook’s new move is worth or not.

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