FalconView Mapping Software Goes Open Source

Technology.am (Aug. 13, 2009) — The Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) has released an open-source version of its popular FalconView software.

falconviewmaThe program displays topographical maps, aeronautical charts, satellite images and other maps. The software allows users to view many different imagery formats, including geographic information systems formats and KML, which is the code used by Google Earth and Google Maps.

The U.S. Department of Defense has used the FalconView software program since the 1990s to analyze and display geographical and other data crucial to mission planners.

“We are excited to broaden our user base outside of the Department of Defense,” said Chris Bailey, GTRI principal research engineer and FalconView project director.

“We expect that individual municipalities, including state, city and town governments; police forces; architects, environmental researchers and utility companies will be among those who will benefit from this new FalconView open-source software.”

Police forces can plot information on burglaries, robberies, sex crimes and other major incidents on maps in FalconView, according to Bailey.

FalconView can also be valuable for companies trying to determine the best location for their business to meet customer needs.

“FalconView has advantages over most of the free mapping software products because FalconView can be used without an active Internet connection,” said GTRI research scientist Joel Odom.

In addition, a global positioning system and camera can be hooked up to the FalconView software to allow users to track their movements on a “moving” map and record the exact locations where they snapped photographs.

Since its release on June 22, 2009, more than 1,000 copies of open-source FalconView have been downloaded from the FalconView Web site [http://www.falconview.org].

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