Femme Art: Paintings on the Female Body

Is it art when you paint your face with beautiful colors? Sure, it is. Just look at these women who painted their face and body in so many creative ways. In fact, body painting can express a lot of ideas. We need to believe female body painting is an art. Women can decorate their body parts in so many artistic ways.

We would like to believe that a woman’s grace and natural beauty add to the charm of body painting. What gives the painting form its importance is its engagement with the body.

It has been recorded that ancient tribal cultures had followed the body painting with clay and other natural pigments. Indigenous people of Australia, New Zealand and parts of Africahad resorted to this form of body art.

The present day has body painting festivals that happen annually across the world.

Body painting can be also used to gain attention of the people on social issues and public protests. PETA and Burberry have often used body painting to express their views.

There are so many ways to make female body painting a mesmerizing venture. A woman’s expressive eyes can have patterns of butterflies painted around it or maybe the wild cat theme painting the stripes of wild cats.

Experimenting with female body painting is an endless task. It can be mesmerizing and alluring all the time.

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