Five iPhone Apps That Spell P-R-O-D-U-C-T-I-V-I-T-Y

Mobile phones today are ambassadors of communication in a globalized society. They keep people in touch and online no matter where they are in the world.

It was in January of 2007 when the Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone. Needless to say, integration between the mobile phone and daily life has never been the same since then.

Just how far is the iPhone’s reach? Experts estimate that more than a hundred million iPhone units have been sold globally. And Apple says that over fourteen billion apps have been downloaded as of June 2011. Indeed, mobile Internet is moving the face of the communications industry, and is changing the way people live their lives.

There is an app for that

Lost? There is an app that gives you access to maps.

Shopping? Your phone can lead you the best deals in your area.

Confused? Open a search engine and easily find your way.

Bored? The list of games available for iPhones is endless.

An app is a shortened term for a web application or online application. It is software you can use on your iPhone. Today, there is an app for just about anything. For businessmen on the go, there are applications that can help juggle everyday tasks. This article counts five of the best for productivity.

    1. Evernote:

    Do you have a million things on your mind? Evernote allow the user to take notes, snap photos, record voice reminders, and jot down to-do lists. Yes, one can do all these on a mobile phone, but Evernote increases productivity by organizing and sharing them across a person’s different tech gadgets.

    2. Nuance Dragon Dictation for iPhone:

    This free app is perfect for those who think faster than they can speak. With a single tap, the user can speak to his mind’s content, and the app will convert the voice recording into text. A few more taps and one can send it as a text message or an email; or save an idea for when he gets to the office.

    3. Weather Channel:

    It is not convenient to be rushing to a meeting amidst severe weather. While the iPhone has a standard weather app, users trust the Weather Channel’s free app for more detail on weather for the day, the next thirty-six hours, and even the next ten days.

    4. Print Magic Business:

    If a person needs to get a document printed, this app will beam the document, photo, PDF file, or web page to a printer on an available network. This makes it an excellent app to have on hand. While this app is not free, the cost of $4.99 US dollars seems well worth it when a printing emergency is solved.

    5. ProOnGo Expense:

    ProOnGo Expense will track mileage through the iPhone’s GPS, logging odometer readings before and after a car trip on official business. It will also scan receipts using the camera and compile the data in an expense report, simplifying office reimbursements.

    Joe Horan is the owner of, an eCommerce site that specializes in iPhone 4 Cases and brands such as OtterBox. He also frequently works as a marketing consultant for non-profits such as Parkinson’s Research Foundation.

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