Florida Orders Raytheon’s Advanced SUV-Based Radiation Detection System

Technology.am (May 23, 2009) — Raytheon Company is offering the Sports Utility Vehicle-Based Radiation Detection System, which detects and identifies nuclear radiation in mobile and stationary operations, using advanced spectroscopic technology.

radiationdetectionThe system contains advanced threat identification algorithms that detect and identify most radiological materials.

It is deployed quickly and set up your own checkpoint to screen for nuclear weapons, improvised nuclear devices, and dirty bombs or just cruise and troll for high gamma and stray neutrons.

Raytheon has received an award from Florida’s Department of Transportation for its Mobile Nuclear Radiation Detection System.

The Mobile Nuclear Radiation Detection System will expand Florida’s capability to operate in urban environments to safeguard against nuclear threats on highways, bridges, overpasses, tunnels, ports of entry, and public venues such as major sporting events and other large events that terrorists might consider targets.

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