FujiFilm Launches 3D Camera

Staff writer
3d-fujiFujiFilm plans to launch its first third dimension (3D) camera that shoots two images and combines them into one this year.
This camera has two identical lenses and image sensors. It snaps almost-identical images that are blended together by a custom chip to produce a 3D image, it said. The system has been dubbed Real 3D by FujiFilm and can be used for both still images and movies.
FujiFilm’s system makes use of a 2.8-inch 3D LCD panel on the rear of the prototype camera so viewers don’t need special glasses. For display of images the company has also come up with a prototype 3D photo frame that has an 8.4-inch display.
In addition to 3D images, the company assumes a camera with two lenses and image sensors that could provide some other clever tricks such as the ability to shoot a wide and telephoto shot at the same time, or for a wide panorama shot by capturing half with each lens.
The company is very hopeful for this technology, because the aim of this camera is to capture pictures that are almost as good as the real thing.

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