Fujifilm unveils 3D Digital Camera

Technology.am (July 22, 2009) — Japan’s Fujifilm unveiled a compact digital camera that can be used to shoot three-dimensional (3D) photos and movies that can be viewed without special glasses.

fujifilm-3d-cameraFujifilm says that FinePix REAL 3D W1 uses a new two lenses system with images that merge into 3D movies or pictures. Users can view images on the camera’s rear display screen or through an external monitor.

Fujifilm is also offering a special 3D photo printing service and saying that ‘viewed with just the naked eye, 3D images come alive with breathtaking reality and natural beauty’.

The camera will be available on sale in Japan early next month at price of 60,000 yen (640 dollars), and it will also be available in overseas markets late August.

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