LG Watch Phone must-have gadget of 2009

Technology.am (Aug. 1, 2009) — The LG Wrist mobile Phone is to be released this August in the UK.

lg-watchThe LG910 touch-screen watch phone allows users make calls and listen to music.

The LG910 users will be able to speak the name or number of the person they wish to dial, instead of tapping in the number on the small screen, so callers will need to use a Bluetooth headset and built-in speaker to make and receive calls.

The wrist watch phone features a full touch-screen interface, 3G HSDPA and video-calling capabilities. The HSDPA speed offered is 7.2 Mbps. A built-in camera is present too, which has a resolution of 352 x 288 pixels. An MP3 player is packed into this polyphonic mobile phone as well.

This phone is water resistant. Other features offered by this device include Games, Clock, Alarm, Calculator, Calendar, Organiser and T9.

A Lithium ion battery supplies power to the unit. Measuring just 61mm by 39mm by 13.9mm, this phone measures just 1.5 inch square and weighs only 85g. Thus, you can now carry your phone/little-computer/music-player/camera/calculator on your wrist.

This Watch Mobile Phone is priced at £1000 and will run on the Orange network.

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