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Over the last 15 years or more, we have seen a sea-change in the use of computers and increasing potential of the amazing internet. Gone are the days of paid email facilities. We discover more from the ever expanding web and advancing technology everyday. A lot of good things now come free. With the advent of Cloud Computing, online storage space on multiple virtual servers is being offered free by versatile providers to the millions of internet users. Here we bring some of the good ones.

1. iCloud


iCloud is the cloud storage and cloud computing service offered by Apple Inc. Users of iOS and Mac get the first 5GB free. It’s actually for backing up your iTunes purchases like music, e-books, videos, etc. Files can be downloaded to computers running OSX or Microsoft Windows. iCloud replaces the Mobile Me services. There are 125 million users of it as of 2012.

2. Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive

Customers with an Amazon account get with it a 5GB online storage space for free. Amazon is also a leading service provider in enterprise cloud computing besides being a world leader in e-commerce. Yet Cloud Drive does not provide desktop clients for users and they have to use the browser to sync and backup as it cannot be made automatic. Fortunately a third party software application called Gladinet can be used as the desktop client to access Cloud Drive of Amazon.

3. SkyDrive


SkyDrive provided by Microsoft offers through Windows Live Mesh a 5GB cloud storage space to you for free. You can backup and sync your computer files through your Windows operating system. Using Windows you can avail multiple languages on Live Mesh. Access files from anywhere, share them with others, work together online or fetch from your PC at home.



Dropbox offers 2GB of free cloud storage and you can get more by inviting one or more users to use the service. Up to 8GB is allowed to be added through referrals (250MB per referral). It’s a simple solution to store your files online and offers choice of desktop and mobile clients. A number of official and unofficial add-ons are offered by the Dropbox community.

5. Google Drive

Google Drive

Get started with Google Drive with 5GB space free. With Google Drive you can access your stuff from wherever you are. Just drag and drop your files into it and share them with anyone. No need to email big files when you can share. Edit them together with others. Google Drive is the file storage and synchronisation service from Google and is the extension of Google Docs. You can use third party Google Drive apps available from the Chrome Web Store. You can use Android devices too. It automatically syncs with the cloud, whatever device you use. Major housekeeping but, has to be done with your desktop.

6. SugarSync


SugarSync offers 5GB on sign-up and 500MB for ever person referred by you… and no cap on referrals, unlike Dropbox. SugarSync has probably the most feature rich application amongst storage providers. Get selective sync, auto-backup or auto-sync. You can share and collaborate too with Mac, PC, Android, Symbian, iPad, iPhone, Windows Mobile or Blackberry devices.

7. iDrive


iDrive offers 2GB of free storage to users who like a top rated back-up solution online. It is a solid platform which features PC and Mac clients to give timeline restore, data protection, true archiving and many more. If you refer iDrive to your friends, you can be rewarded, for 5 valid email addresses, with an extra 10GB storage space free.



CX (Cloud Experience) offers you 10GB of free storage space online when you sign-up for its service. Again you get more free space for referring friends to CX, which is a feature-rich cloud storage . It has private and public file sharing and interactive collaboration besides auto-sync and auto-backup. You can choose the folders you like to sync to the cloud in CX. The CX app is compatible with Android devices, PCs, Macs, iPads and iPhones.

9. Just Cloud

Just Cloud

Using the Just Cloud service, all your files and docs over multiple computers can be automatically synchronised and stacked in the cloud. Select the files and folders you like to sync to where you want them synced. They then automatically backup your files in the cloud space, eliminating risks of any data loss for you.

10. Box

box is a cloud storage provider with a powerful Team Collaboration feature integrated. A generous 5GB of free space is provided usually to any user who starts with Box. But sometimes 50 GB of space is offered to a specific segment of users like Android users or iOS users. They don’t have a referral reward system. Nor do they have compatible desktop clients for effecting the automatic tracking or syncing of files. You just have to use the browser.

11. Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One supports multiple languages and it has a client app that can run on Windows XP and newer and on Ubuntu 9.04 or later versions. The basic version offers users 5GB of free online storage. File syncing can be done across various platforms, between computers and mobile devices, to share files or folders. It can be integrated with other services like Mozilla Thunderbird and Tomboy. Accessible on mobile phones and devices, you can stream music or listen offline on the move, conveniently. Use the client application to access this suite brought to you by Canonical Ltd.

12. Sony PlayMemories Online

Play Memories Online

This is a free cloud-based service to store your collection of HD-videos and photos from Sony, called Sony PlayMemories Online. It comes with 5GB of free storage for Sony users. This is not meant as a storage space of all kinds of files, so just your media files can be stored. Depending on the device and connection quality, you can pull them to watch from anywhere. For Android compatible devices, an app is available. A computer is not needed here. File conversion, formatting or resizing are as online tasks. PlayMemories Online (the re-branded Sony Personal Space) is compatible with other smartphones and tablets too. Users can use Sony’s S-Frame, Sony Bravio televisions, PlayStation Vita and PS3, with the internet for integration.

13. Syncplicity


Syncplicity will offer users registering online, 2GB of storage online and can sync with Mac OSX and Windows computers. The effective backup and synchronisation service provided helps users to store and sync files online. The Personal Edition comes free and files can be shared across computers and mobile devices simultaneously. Enjoy automatic backup anywhere and any-time for all files with your Private Cloud.

14. Open Drive


OpenDrive offers 5GB free storage online for users and you can select your language support on Windows only. Go to the Personal Section of OpenDrive and under Home Solutions you have the Basic Plan offer of 5GB for one user available free. Access your own stuff any time from any device and share, collaborate or mange your content, all synced. You can even embed or direct link your files in your emails or social networks.

15. SpiderOak


Get started with SpiderOak for free. Users registering here get 2GB storage space free online, which can be accessed using Mac, Windows, Android, Linux and the iPad or iPhone. You get configurable multi-platform synchronisation and get to share files instantly. Use the downloadable clients for iOS and Android Systems to get going. Refer a friend and you get up up to 10 GB free.

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