Get These Awesome iOS Apps for a Cool Summer

Summer has hit up on us without any wait, and its time for us to take a break from the hectic work schedule. It’s high time you plan on vacation related activities for this summer season.

Indoor or outdoor – whatever be your preferred place of action, with all sort of apps available in iTunes, doing things are a bit easier now. GPS-Mapping Apps and other travel-utility apps can help you a great time on scheduling, travelling, accommodation etc

Many may be surprised that their iOS device can do a variety of stuff than just dealing with email, to-do lists, PDFs and other sorts of work-related stuff. We would like to suggest nine wonderful apps that will definitely be helpful for speeding up things. Hopefully these apps will give you an edge in planning the summer holidays.

Bill Atkinson PhotoCard-Postcards

This free app will let you create online postcards with custom photos or one of the Bill Atkinson’s nature photos. This postcard could be send to the addressee via email for free. If you can pay a small fee, the post card will be printed and send via the conventional mail. It has a simple and friendly UI, and let you write personal message on the flipside of the card.  For email cards, you can even attach an audible greeting in a voice note.

ViewRangers Outdoor GPS

This free app will let you download maps around the world and makes your whimsical itineraries more feasible. ViewRangers Outdoor is an award winning GPS app, ideal for pupil who loves exploring places by Walking, Mountain Biking, Cycling, Running, Geocaching, Canoeing and alike activities. HD

You may not fret anymore about the accommodations on your vacation trips. App will guide you through a variety of price packages and locations for booking stay at a particular city. You can browse through the photos, reviews and infrastructure of these hotels before you make a reservation. And the beauty is that you are doing all these on your tablet screen while relaxing happily on a couch.


This is a video sharing app that will assist you recording your holiday footages with a remarkable ease. Viddy also help you to stylize the amateur video recordings with a set of basic editing tools and allows sharing it with your friends on social networking sites. You can also share the video among the Viddy community with just a click.

World Festival Guide

This priceless app is a must for traveler’s who would like to be a part of celebrations. There are plethora of celebrations attuned to different culture and locality; trace them down in ‘World Festival Guide’ app, and experience the soul of different cultures across the globe. It will notify you ‘when and where’ on a list of amazing festivals. You can also find details about world-class competitions, religious ceremonies, cultural events and wild parties.

AA Pub Guide 2012 for iPad

This one is not for the teetotalers. But for party animals searching for fine hangouts, it is an indispensable app. AA has experience in suggesting best hotels and stay to their customers has been successfully listing the cool pubs around. They have ranked over 2,000 pubs and hostelries, based on the food, real ale, character and comfort of the place. The subscribers are availed with detailed information on price, telephone numbers, and website addresses of their destination.

Weather Underground

The app is a celebrity among all the apps providing weather related information. The app comes from the home of first internet weather site,, which has already gained reputation for providing the most reliable and in-depth weather data of different locations around the globe. Grab it into your iOS gadget for keeping updated about the weather at an area you plan to visit.

Art Guide

You may not be a type of person who wants to spend your time partying and wandering, instead looking for more meaningful entertainment modes. Exploring art forms is great for in-depth gratification and inspiration. Art guide will notify you details about the art exhibitions and art events happening across UK. Explore the artistic varieties exhibited across UK with this app, brought to you by the Art Fund.

National Trust

Fire up your wanderlust by exploring the possibilities this app offers. If you are looking for a soulful experience along the beautiful countryside of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland; this app will be an ideal choice. Find gorgeous gardens, historic houses and dazzling coastlines in the country. The app has been enhanced over the time of its first appearance in iTunes.

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