GetResponse vs iContact

When it comes to email marketing, the competition among service providers is extremely tough. Getresponse and iContact are the leading names in the arena, so when you plan to expand your business through email marketing, at some point you get stuck deciding between these two names.

Both services offer remarkable tools to send, manage and track email advertising campaigns and promotional newsletters for your business. As everything has, they too have their own pros and cons, which we are going to share with you, so you can easily decide which one is the best for your needs.


iContact is one of the most prestigious email marketing service providers, with very tempting pricing plans for both basic and premium categories. They have a dedicated Account Manager that sorts out all the trouble for you, saving your time and energies to focus on your emails.



  • Free trial period with up to 100 subscribers
  • iContact gives you liberty of choosing from a wide range of pricing packages and offers affordable rates to small clients
  • An Account Health allows you to track your efficiency and progress of your email marketing campaigns
  • It also includes a live chat popup window to get support and guidance from the sales representatives
  • There are many free email templates (600+) to choose from, which can be customized according to your needs with several layouts including one-column, multi-column, postcard and more. You can add images and logos as well.
  • Create a subscriber list and schedule unlimited number of emails
  • A MessageBuilder toolbar menu helps you create fast and smart contents with drag and drop facility. Additionally, advance users can take the advantage of its HTML editor to deliver unique layouts.
  • iContact gives you social media connectivity by letting you connect your sign-up forms with Facebook. You can also embed the forms into other websites.
  • Archived email messages can be posted on your website as a thread
  • All your emails are assessed through a powerful spam check technology, so you can get lower spam score and higher delivery
  • A fully automated Autoresponder tool sends a predefined email to your subscriber on your behalf
  • Variety of tracking tools help you check out trending messages, number of subscribers, statistical report and much more
  • iContact claims a deliverability rate of 98%


  • You can create a large newsletter subscriber list, but not larger than 15,000. If you want more subscribers, you have to contact sales representatives to give you a custom package
  • Website loads heartbreakingly slow
  • No survey reporting system
  • Google analytics and A/B testing are premium only features
  • You have to pay additional charges to get a grant of 5mb of photo storage
  • Help and support services are limited to business hours only (Monday-Friday between 4AM-10PM EST)


The award winning email marketing service provider, GetResponse has more than 350,000 customers, which is an evidence of their dedication. They offer some cutting-edge features including multi user accounts, inbox preview, social media integration, Time Traveler and many more.



  • Putting the best on the top, a 30 day free trial period for new customers that comes with an all access feature and plenty of subscribers
  • GetResponse offers you easy WordPress and Salesforce integration and connectivity with 14 other apps that enable you to comfortably import your contacts
  • Working with calendar has never been easier, with an appealing drag and drop interface, you can move your contacts back and forth and keep them in order without any trouble
  • GetResponse subscription provides you free access to its iStock photo library
  • The website is prettier and user friendly, which design-wise gives it a clear cut supremacy over its rivals
  • The Webform creator on GetResponse can be personalized for ease of use, featuring a drag and drop editor. Additionally, you can also embed these forms in your blog, website or facebook page.
  • Hundreds of free email templates (500+) to choose from
  • GetResponse Blog provides very useful usage guides and other information, and is nicely decorated in categories
  • As a part of their help and support features, GetResponse provides you with a live pop-up chat window so you can directly ask question from the sales representatives. The sales team will also guide you more about the product, its benefits and limitations.
  • GetResponse has undeniably more active customers and subscribers than any other email service provider
  • Choose customized landing pages from over 100 templates to pose the best impression on your visitors
  • Advanced Autoresponder 2.0, which lets you send messages based on time or action, is an exclusive feature of GetResponse
  • Time Traveler sends emails to the receivers according to their local time, thus improving live visibility.
  • You can view your finished email like your customers see it with an ‘inbox preview’ feature
  • Success of campaigns can be analyzed with A/B testing
  • Advanced tools for tracking campaigns, ROI, autoresponders and segmentations
  • An awesome deliverability rate of 99%


  • Help and support services are limited to business hours only (available Monday-Friday between 9AM-5PM EST).
  • GetResponse has a very strict anti-spam policy, which is actually a good thing but it also limits you in several ways.


Although iContact has rejoicing offers and features, but on the long run, it has limits to sustain your expanding business. On the other hand, GetResponse meets all the criteria to deserve the trophy of your trust. We have showed you all that matters, but if you are still not sure which one to choose, we recommend you to begin with GetResponse.

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