Give Your Apple iPad a Brand New Attire; Here’s Some For You to Choose From

Aditya Divakaran

So, now you have your own Apple iPad. You have been flaunting the device whenever possible and we know you have been feeling proud to own the amazing slate. How about a brand new attire for the device you love most? Here are some suggestions. Take a look at some of the amazing iPad cases now available in the market.

Book Case
If you want your iPad to be sheltered in an elegant and classy package, it deserves a Book Case model. This case is made of Italian leather with a rugged wooden frame for support. It has a hidden pocket for archives and aids to set tablet in multiple positions. The case is available in three different shades and is suitable for 2010-11 models.


Vintage Shirt
Those who love their iPad as much as them have an ideal gadget wear available. It’s important that you must reflect your attire in your iPad wear too. The hand-picked vintage shirt case has bespoke to fit your iPad and you can assure that it wears the same thing you wear. This case is lined with breathable, organic cotton to armor your valuable gadget from bumps and scratches.


Steampunk iPad Case

This one is for the discerning airship captain. Certainly exhibiting a royal demeanor in its ‘gear’ themed styling, this case lets you carry the iPad in style and comfort. It features a thick leather, laser engraved with buckle and snap closure.


Yoshi iPad/iPad 2 Case

The 10.5″ x 8″ Case is inspired from the Character Yoshi in Nintendo’s Super Mario series. This case can fit in the latest iPad and is available in many other characters. It is tailored with an HQ cotton pocket on the front exterior to pack notebooks, CDs or DVDs, pens or even another iPad. Yoshi iPad wear comes in flashy colors including black, white, orange, red and bright green felt trim that gives interesting look and texture to the case.


Cozy iPad Case

This one has an aesthetic appeal well going with the somber appeal. It’s roomy and strong enough for carrying other basics along. Computer wear is hand-knit with a horseshoe cable down the center (and on both sides.) Suited best for an iPad this one is made of purple and blue leather Acrylic and Wool that increases its durability. This iPad case has something which has some considerable thinking behind it. The gadget case is eco-friendly, sustainable, and unique for an iPad. Its design is beautiful and cork material is soft and durable. It not only offers great protection but also gives the iPad a more ergonomic grip and natural feel. Cork stripped from oak trees every nine years, in turn, helps the tree to live longer. Nice integration of technology and nature.


Lady D for iPad

The Lady D- iPad-holder suited for ladies. This one has a classy design suiting the Vogue ladies. It gives a vintage feel reminding you of granny wallets as well as exhibiting a simple plain chic look. This iPad case is utility special. This aluminium case can help you to turn your tablet into a notebook at times. Aluminium Keyboard Case features a sleek, eye-catching design which also gives the device durable protection along with functionality and style.

Etch a Sketch iPad Case
This case imparts very cool looking frames to the iPad. This fantastic iPad case has borrowed its styling from the world’s favorite drawing toy.
Bacon iPad Case. Another cool and trendy iPad case that will attract some attention to your tablet! The iPad Bacon Case is seamless result of creative handwork. The iPad bacon case adds some grease to gadget integrated with softness and subtle design. If you think Bacon is delicious and loves iPad, you should consider this cool cover.


Another vintage inspiring iPad sleeve – that is water-resistant, fashionable and eco friendly as well. The exterior is smooth, made of a special kind of leather-like paper from natural cellulose fiber – more popular as denim jeans label material. The interior is puffed with soft felt cloth for comforting iPad. Also it boasts to use eco-friendly and recyclable goods for its making. Undoubtedly professional par ethical choice for a suave urbanista!

iPad Short Pant
This one is unique and stylish — sports a youthful flavor. Almost all love the Jeans. This iPad cover protects the gadget with the durable and hard clothing and comfortably fits the iPad. Jean iPad wear is made from recycled jeans and is durable and washable as any denim pants. The choice is yours.

Folks at Toxell have lined up some  innovative stuff and we found them amazing –  to say the least. Let us know which one would you prefer to have for your Apple slate.

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