Give Your Apple IPhone 4 a Classy Outfit

Vignesh Nagathan
The iPhone 4 has been for long your priced possession. However, have you given the device the much needed protection it needs. If you are confused over what to choose, here are 10 new options. Check out

Police Box/TARDIS iPhone Case

This iPhone case is for the Doctor Who (a television series)  fans among iPhone owners. This TARDIS, or Police Box iPhone case has a perfect design. The makers boast that this iPhone case is entirely handmade. The material used is not only scratch-free and durable, but is washable as well.

Video Game Console iPhone Case

How about having your iPhone covered in a portable game console? This beautiful retro gaming console iPhone case adds an unusual style quotient to you. It’s made from a very durable, long-lasting and scratch-free material with a thin fade-resistant coating on top. Manufacturers claim it is handmade from sustainable materials.

Solar Calculator iPhone Cover 

The nostalgic 80s have inspired another remarkable iPhone case. Check out this solar-powered case that reminds us of the 80s. Your smartphone is sure to have a better calculator App, but the fashion element this one would add to the smartphone is unique.

Grey Cassette Tape iPhone Case

Another representation from the rocking 80s is the Cassette tape iPhone case. This iconic design will sure make you stand out in the crowd. The Cassette tape case will bring back memories of a specific generation where you have spent hours sitting by the dual deck stereo creating mix tapes for the school disco. The Mix Tape Phone Case phone is also made from very long-lasting and scratch-free material with a thin fade-resistant coating on top.

Retro Camera IPhone 4 Case

This case imparts a very chic and nostalgic feel for your iPhone. When it comes to Apple product beauty is not enough, for that this camera cover provides ample protection for your smartphone. It is made from very durable, long-lasting and scratch-free material that will last longer than the ordinary.

The unique styling and fade-resistant shade of this ‘ex post facto’ design is a chic case for anyone.

iPhone 4 Black Tire Pattern Vroom Silicone Case

You need to have a sophisticated case that deserves to wrap your precious iPhone 4. This Vroom tire pattern case is made of 100% silicone. It is a sporty case for great grip, and control. This black case is made with the sturdiness, detail, and precision. This tire pattern case has a unique tire tread pattern that absorbs shock with ease.

R2D2 iPhone 4 Decal Skin

This cool iPhone skin is basically meant to make your gadget cooler. The design leaves no residue and is easy to apply –  it is printed on high quality vinyl and laminated with a heavy duty, slightly glossy, protective layer. The maker doesn’t claim any high grade protection for this case.  So it is better to use this one only when you are in a ostentatious mood.

iPhone 4 Retro Nintendo Controller Skin & Wrap

Be ready to take your iPhone to a former Nintendo controller case with the white antenna wrap. The texture and styling of this skin imparts it an original retro controller look.

It has a comfortable covering, and is ostentatious enough to flash around at office.

Rotary Phone iPhone 4 Case

The Rotary phone case is one of common vintage. You can carry around this icon of an era on your iPhone 4S. This chic iPhone case is a sure shot to show off your sleek signature style. It combines luxury with ultimate protection, all in a lightweight design. It’s fitted with hard plastic case, covered with a richly printed easy-to-grip durable fabric.

Incase Bird’s Nest Snap Case for iPhone 4

Bird’s Nest Snap Case features a queer “woven” look. This simple designed iPhone case is light weighted. The unique iPhone 4S Bird’s Nest case offers high safety. It also has easy snap-on attachment and four-corner protection as well.

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